Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 2011

I don’t have too much going on this month for flowering plants.  I just moved everything in so a lot of stuff is cut back and generally ugly.  I do have a couple things that are still flowering but they’re not the best looking because everything needs water badly AND of course we have a water main break on our block and our water has been shut off for 24 hours.  Good thing it’s not sunny out…oh wait it is!  Poor plants.  Hopefully our water comes on soon!

Anyways here are the flowers!

As usually my Abutilon is full of flowers.  I hope I can clear out some space soon so that it can be in a sunnier, more open spot!  I’m at that stage where I didn’t want to just let anyone DIE so I brought everything in and now I’m hoping things start to die off on their own so I don’t have to feel guilty.

My beloved variegated Impatiens… hopefully I don’t kill it this winter!  I’ve never been very good at overwintering them indoors

My Boweia volubis is still chugging along

I’m experimenting keeping Acalypha reptans as a houseplant.  I was going to just pitch it because it was only $3 but when I was going to dump the pot I just couldn’t do it.  So I ended up taking cuttings of the plant that WAS hanging there, pitching the mother plant of that, and putting this in its place.

I bought a mini rose on a whim earlier this summer.  Don’t ask me WHY I’m trying to over winter this.  I just am.  It’s already been sprayed 3 times in 3 days for bugs and I’m not done yet.  I think I’ll give it a solid 14 sprayings before I’m convinced it won’t have spider mite for at least a week.

My trailing african violet (Saintpaulia cv) has finally started blooming again.  Earlier this summer I pinched out the center to encourage the formation of runners.  It worked and my plant is slowly starting to creep over to the edge of the pot!

And last but not least we have my Begonia partita.  This little thing is like the best flowering houseplant ever.  I almost never remember to fertlize it, it gets dry to the point of wilting on a regular basis and it doesn’t often get the best light yet it still has flowers all year.  I don’t think I’ve seen it without flowers since I moved to Chicago over a year ago.  I can’t wait til it gets bigger and forms a nice caudex.

So there you go, that’s all my stuff that’s blooming this month!


For more flowering fun visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens


4 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 2011

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours! I love the Acalypha reptans…I can never remember its real name…I always just call it Chenille Plant!

    • I’m excited to try overwintering it, I’m so enthralled by the thought of those red catkins hanging in my window all winter. As for the names… I can never remember how to spell chenille so I just use the latin name (because apparently acalypha is easier?)

    • I don’t recall any whitefly infestations but I do usually struggle with mealybugs. Hopefully the hort-oil treatment will keep everything at bay for a while though. I’m just not ready for a window full of spidermites and scale.

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