Why are my houseplants causing me stress?

Let me show you!  Several of my larger ones have really gotten quite a bit larger.  Exhibit A:

Ficus altissima when I put it out in early June:

See, not really all that big.  Large-ish, yes but not obnoxiously so.  Easy to fit on a plant stand, ya?  Well here’s what it looks like today:

It has doubled in size.  Yes, it looks great but I don’t have space for a 4′ tall rubber tree!  I also can’t bring myself to cut it back so I guess I’ll just have to MAKE space for it.


Exhibit 2: Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘tricolor’ before –

Yeah…it’s kind of large but now it’s just ridiculous.


Exhibit C: Iochroma cyaneum ‘Purple Queen’

This spring it was scrawny and kind of pathetic.


Now it’s all giant and bushy and periodically loaded with flowers.  Anyone have any idea if I can let it go dormant like a brugmansia or do I have to keep it in growth all winter?  It’d be nice if I could just park it in the basement and water it like once a month…


Sorry that the formatting is all out of wack with this post, since some of the pictures are cropped out of bigger pictures it made for some odd sizes and I can’t figure out how to make the text less obnoxiously arranged.

4 thoughts on “Why are my houseplants causing me stress?

  1. Oh dear, that’s some seriously crazy growth! I’m glad I don’t have anything like that!

    Narrow pictures like that are a pain to work with. What I usually do is, I fill up the lines I want to be “empty” like this:
    then change the font colour to white to hide them. There are probably more “professional” methods, but, hey, it works.

  2. iochroma are awesome plants, this is the first year I’ve noticed them. I took a couple cuttings from a specimen growing in a nearby botanical garden. The tree that that I took the cuttings from looks like it’s been there for a while, I think they might be borderline hardy depending on where they’re planted. I’m in a zone 6-8 so it might be worth trying if you end up with more then one. These take from cutting ridiculously easy, I planted a couple active growing tips with excellent success.

    • I’ve heard they’re root hardy to about 0º. I’m contemplating putting one in the ground next year, my apartment building is old and not the best insulated so the soil around it never freezes. I’d be amused to no end if I actually got one to survive. This winter I’m trying a fig there, hopefully next year I’ll be eating a fresh fig or two!

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