Bambusa ventricosa (100th post!)

My 100th post will be about one of my more ridiculous houseplants, a rather large (8′ tall or so) Buddha belly bamboo (Bambusa ventricosa) which has started pushing out new growth!  I’ve been waiting all summer for this.  I’m hoping that its been grown lean enough to produce the knobbly stems it’s so famous for.  Even if it doesn’t I’ll still be ecstatic that it has grown new shoots so I guess I win no matter what.  I found 2 so far, hopefully a couple more are hidden somewhere and just not up yet.

I’ve been thrilled with this plant in generally.  It’s made a fantastic houseplant and an even better patio specimen.  It does get pretty messy at the height of winter but then again most plants aren’t too thrilled when it’s dark from 5pm-9am for a month.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m so afraid of overwatering it that I’ve been known to go a month without watering it.  I think my biggest saving grace with it is that I have baseboard heating and not forced air otherwise I’m guessing these delicate leaves would crisp up instantly.

Bamboo in June After Being Moved Outside

As you can see it looked a little…tired after spending two days in a moving truck last fall followed by a looooong winter crammed in a corner only getting light from my west window.  Actually looking at this picture now it’s funny to see how small all my houseplants are (which is another worry for another day…what on EARTH am I going to do with all of these for the winter?!).  And what does it look like now?

Bamboo (and other houseplants) at the end of August

It’s filled out quite nicely, no?  I’m kind of afraid it’s gonna take over my entire bedroom but that’s ok.  Who needs a bed anyways?  I’m also a little worried about how giant my Iochroma, Ficus altissima and Hibiscus tiliaceus have gotten.


5 thoughts on “Bambusa ventricosa (100th post!)

  1. Congrats! (I usually miss my round numbers.)

    Ridiculously large houseplants are the best! And indeed, who needs furniture? I’m still amazed I have any at all, I always imagined my first flat as having nothing but plants, piles of books and a hammock somewhere in the middle of the greenery!

  2. Congrats on the 100th post, Tom. I too wondered how you’d manage all those houseplants when winter gets here. Hope you have a lot of window space or can knock out some walls. :0)

    • I’m sure I’ll find one or two that I can throw away (it’s amazing how no matter how much I love a plant, by october I can be completely sick of it!), and surprisingly most of them should fit with no problem. 12 foot wide windows are a glorious thing :D

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