Return of the Cacti

When I was back in MN for a wedding I managed to sneak in some gardening.  I concentrated mostly on the cactus bed because my mom refuses to weed it and thus it was in dire need of help.  They really seem to have responded well to the super wet spring followed by a blistering hot and dry summer because they got massive!

I ended up cutting out about half a trash can full of pads. These got donated to one of my former co-workers who is starting her own cactus garden.

My Ephedra plant survived the winter unscathed! I’m so excited because I had no idea there were even any hardy Ephedera to zone 4

My Echinocereus triglochidatus also seems to be a big winner this summer…all those small offsets are new. One day it might even flower for me… hopefully before I’m 60 years old.

And last but not least an overall shot of the bulk of the garden. The three big plants were each cut back by nearly half. They were starting to smother my hens-and-chicks and other assorted succulents. It really does look a lot better now that it’s back under control.

7 thoughts on “Return of the Cacti

    • Aw thanks! If I lived somewhere cacti are expected to grow they’d be nothing special (cuz really does the world need another prickly pear?) but since it gets to -34ºC in Minnesota they’re kinda awesome. Is it strange that I miss them terribly?

  1. The Echinocereus triglochidatus is really cool! I wish we could plant cacti like that here in Chicago. I’ve seen various cacti planted here (an Agave a couple years back) that always make me want to knock on the door of the homeowner and give them a little cacti cold hardiness lesson. :0)

    • If Chicagoland had something approaching a well drained soil we’d have no problem growing all those same cacti (and then some!). Unfortunately the pure clay we get to live with kind of kills that idea.

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