Garden Construction Update # 50069211

Now that life has slowed down at work I’ve had time to get some more yard work done.  I’m pretty sure I had finished the brick path last time I posted.  Since then I’ve put Irish moss (Sagina sublata) in all over between the bricks, added lots of ground covers, replanted lots of the hosta I removed originally, added a number of shrubs and a bamboo plant.  Oh wait it turns out I never even posted a picture of the finished brick path.  Well we’ll start there.  Here’s a picture of it all done and stuff.

And looking down the path from another direction…

I’ve added an assortment of Rhododendron (Vulcan, and poukhanense), a weeping Japanese maple (Crimson Queen), a clumping bamboo (Fargesia rufa), a Chamaecyparis pisifera of some sort, and the crowning glory, a dwarf blue swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra ‘Blue Mound’).  Around all this are assorted hosta interplanted with other shade perennials (a complete list will be added later when it’s all done) and groundcovers.  I’m super excited because it looks so much better than it did before I got all this going (of course most things look better than a depressing patch of hosta and daylilies).

Here’s a shot of the part that is supposed to have a bit of Japanese influence…you can’t really tell at the moment because the mess of floppy hostas just kind of obscures everything but I think once it grows in cleaner next year it’ll be a bit more apparent.  You can also see some of the irish moss growing in in this picture.  Yay moss!

Here’s the Chamaecyparis I was talking about.  I’ve got it trained to have a bit of a bonsai look to it.  I’m hoping as it grows it’ll get kind of a gnarled look to it.  As soon as I can find the appropriate rock I’m going to train it so that it is growing over the rock, kind of like a root-on-rock style bonsai.

And last but not least for this update, I made the end of the path just kind of taper off into nothingness.  Eventually I’m hoping the whole back area will fill in with moss (which means I’m going to need to buy a whole lot more) so the bricks stand out a little better (cuz right now it’s just a giant weedy mess).  You can also see my little bamboo plant and the japanese maple.  The bamboo is going to be surrounded with Waldstenia because I’ve got so much of it laying around that I really care if it can’t compete with the bamboo.  I’m not too worried though because the bamboo is apparently super slow growing (I shouldn’t expect it to be more than 4 feet tall in 2 years).  The maple (that you apparently can’t actually see now that I look at the picture) is underplanted with blue fescue and will also have a nice sculptural boulder near it as soon as I can find one I like.

Oh wait I lied.  One more picture!  This is my Pinus cembra ‘Blue Mound’.  I got it for half off today, so it was only $50!  I was at a local nursery and noticed it right away but at $100 it was too expensive so I walked away.  After spending about 20 minutes looking at other plants I noticed that an employee was walking around with a handful of yellow tags marking plants over in the area where the pine was.  I knew this could only mean one thing…markdowns!  Sure enough he was marking many of the specialty conifers down by 50%.  Even better was that he marked down the exact pine I wanted.  Needless to say the second he walked away from it I scooped it up and made my way to the cashier.  Yes I realize how dorky it makes me to be so excited about finding a plant on sale but I’m sure you’ve all been there so you can probably relate.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my tour de garden!  I’ll post updates if I ever find any boulders that I enjoy, otherwise I’m not sure there will be too much more action in this garden this year.

One thought on “Garden Construction Update # 50069211

  1. Nothing dorky about being excited about being on sale, that’s cause to celebrate, if you ask me.

    btw, shoot me an email or leave me yours in my contact form. I have an event I’d like to tell you about that’s coming up in a couple of days.

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