Storm Damage and New(ish) Plants!

Earlier this week we had some pretty nasty storms.  It was actually only about 20 minutes of really nasty storms but they sure packed a punch.  We had 80mph winds and lots of lightning.  It was a great night for not leaving the apartment.  I was a bit concerned about my plants though.  Turns out I didn’t need to be too worried though, the giant wall of arborvitae sheltered almost all of them.  All except one table.  I guess my Epiphyllum took a bit of a short flight during the storm because the table was knocked over and the plant was about 7 feet away.  Amazingly only about 5 phylloclades broke off.  I thought everything was fine but when I was out poking around today I found out the pot was completely cracked up which means….repotting fun time!  This stupid thing was a giant pain in the ass to repot but the results are surprisingly worth it.

For the two years I’ve had it it’s really bugged me that the plant was basically sideways.  This time I got a 16″ pot and made sure it’s sitting up properly.   I’m gonna try and find a small trellis to tie it up and make it even more upright cuz holy crap this thing is obnoxiously large now.  Oye. I feel really lame for writing this much about repotting an orchid cactus so I think it’s time to move on…

Now for a few pictures of some of my newer plants.  None of them are new exactly, but they’ve probably never been blogged about by me so I’m still going to put pictures of them up!  I updated The Plant List with a few of them (the ones that are currently indoors and will stay indoors) so for pictures of my newest cordyline, chlorophytum, and ficus (elastic and some awesome new foliage on my F. altissima) click over to there and look for those.

New outside plants include Acalypha repens, Passiflora caerulea, Callisia fragrans and an orange impatiens that happens to have a lovely variegated branch growing on it. The following pictures are those plants…in that order.  I don’t have a ton to say about them other than the fact that I’m freaking excited about every single one of them.


In other exciting news my Columnea ‘Light Prince’ is blooming!  So exciting!  I love when plants bloom in the apartment!







5 thoughts on “Storm Damage and New(ish) Plants!

  1. Great-looking plants! I haven’t yet had a Columnea bloom–but, then, I keep chopping them up and moving them across the globe. Also loving the leaves on your little Passiflora. What will the flowers look like? I see a lot of variation in Google searches (well, not a LOT, but enough to wonder whether it’ll be all white, or blue, or purple, or what).

  2. I have such a hard time not buying every plant that’s growing a variegated branch… now I really want that lavender we’ve got at work! I think if it’s still there on Monday…I kind of do want a lavender…

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