Other Plant Related Things

I finally got the entire herd of plants moved outside for the summer.  Ok not the ENTIRE herd but all the ones that will be living outside for the summer.  Want to see a picture?

These were having winter vacation in the living room (and my bedroom in the case of the bamboo, Epiphyllum, and Dasylirion).  Now they’re outside for the summer and hopefully they’ll flourish and get all great looking just in time for them to be brought in for the winter.  You can also see my newest purchases (barely).  I finally managed to get a Chicago Hardy Fig (sometimes hardy to zone 5!)!!!!  I’m going to keep it in a pot this year and take cuttings once the new growth matures.  It’ll go in the ground next year once I have some back ups in case it doesn’t survive.  I also got my 3 tomato plants for the year (Sungella, Green Zebra and Black Krim).  I decided the plant stands needed some flowers so I got a Dallas Red Lantana, Acalypha hispida, and Fragrant Delight Heliotrope.  So yay, Tom spent way too much on plants today but hey, I finished out my budgeted dollar amount for new plants this year and got some really cool things so I’m happy.

In ugly yard news the building next door is trying to be the ugliest building ever.  I know my building isn’t the prettiest thing ever but damn this shit is ugly.

You’ve got spiral boxwood, upright arborvitae, birds nest spruce standards, two types of azalea crammed under the windows and some tiny tiny blue star junipers.  All that and you still only see dirt when you look at it.  You’ll also notice that they didn’t even do a good job sodding.  They ran out and are just leaving those bare clumps of dirt.  It mostly just hurts my eyes and I try not to think about it but I have to see it every time I pull into the driveway and I’m not happy about it!  Ughhhhhhh what is it with people in Chicagoland and their love of ugly shaped shrubbery?!  You see crap like this EVERYWHERE and it does not please me.

7 thoughts on “Other Plant Related Things

  1. I’d love to have a fig again, but alas, no space for one. Might buy one for my mother, though, since we let her last one freeze. I love the smell… brings memories of summer holidays in Italy, and lazy summer days at the Apprenticeship Place, where we had huge figs in bathtub-sized pots.
    Green Zebra is another plant I really like… my veggie farm (where I used to work) is now called Green Zebra Farm, and I just sold the last of the GZ plants at work, to a little boy who was so excited to have just enough money to buy a stripey green tomato, he wouldn’t shut up about it. So funny!

    • This is my first fig ever (not counting the cutting I had that my mom let die while I was away doing my internship) so I’m super pumped. It’s actually a variety that has grown well in the ground here (where it gets to -28ºC on occasion) so I’m going to take lots of cuttings this winter and plant them around next spring to see what survives. As for green zebra it has to be my favorite tomato ever. It’s so pretty and so tasty!

      • We had a fig growing in the garden when I was younger, and I’ve seen some at botanical gardens – doesn’t get quite so cold here, but they still freeze back each winter and grow back from the roots, so no fruits. :( And I still find it hard to understand that the Netherlands are way north of here, and yet it’s so much warmer there that they have huge fig trees. (I really need to organize my trip this summer…)

        One thing I’m going to try this summer is cook pasta sauce out of Green Zebras and serve it so some unsuspecting friend. I cooked some out of some white tomato last year, and even though I’d cooked it myself, I was startled every time I tasted it because it tasted of tomato but it wasn’t red! My brain had real trouble with that!

        • I once grew “Green Sausage” tomato and kept thinking I put jalapeño peppers in my pasta. I got really confused because I hate hot peppers and couldn’t figure out why I’d do such a thing. Also I’m super jealous that visiting the Netherlands is so much easier for you :-P I’ve only ever been in the Amsterdam airport and am dying to actually see the country!

          • It’s such a cute country – I’ll try to take more pictures of the landscape and cute houses this year. And I hope the weather will be right for visiting a couple of botanical gardens.

  2. I just found your blog through your comment on Mr. Subjunctive’s post of the flowering Chirita that I sent him a few months ago. And I’m happy to have! I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m not horribly active of a poster in the summer but hopefully I’ll keep you entertained! Your blog looks pretty exciting as well, I look forward to reading about your adventures in foreign planting!

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