Something Ugly is Afoot!

The building next door to mine is re-doing their landscaping (I think they might be trying to outdo us now that I’ve taken over the landscaping on our building and am slowly trying to make it less awful).  It’s not looking too pretty.  They ripped out the old established yews that were approximately 2 stories tall.  What did they replace them with?  Well I’ll show you what I now have to look at whenever I look out my west bedroom window.

The poor dignified yews have been replaced with an ugly block wall (complete with non-matching red block circles) and an arborvite on each side.  You can’t see but there are also two equal sized arborvite smashed up side by side flanking the door pressed right up on the building (before they’ve even had a chance to grow and ruin their form on their own!).  They also have 6 azaleas planted.  3Azalea ‘stewartsonia’ (not really hardy here at all) and 3 Azalea ‘Karen’.  6 would be a fine number if it wasn’t 3 azaleas crammed under each window (and they’re not big windows.  I think they’re maybe 2.5 feet wide).  It’s so tragic.  I’ll have to get a picture of the front at some point.  Oh man I haven’t even made fun of the spiral boxwood yet.  They look so tacky!  Actually this whole landscaping project looks like a tacky 1960’s disaster.    I’m betting by next summer the boxes will be overgrown and look like crap (more like crap than they already do?)  Argh.  I’m so mad this is what I have to look at now.


I’d feel more terrible making fun of this landscaping if the guy who owns the building wasn’t such a giant ass.  This winter we had a day with 2+ feet of snow and he wouldn’t let us borrow his snowblower.  We offered to pay, we’d gas it up and everything and he still said no.  Not only did he say no but he watched us struggling to shovel 2 feet of snow from an 8 car parking lot.  Ass.  I hope he has fun when his plants get overgrown and start causing damage.

2 thoughts on “Something Ugly is Afoot!

  1. Aw, poor yews – I love big old yews! There was a huge one close to my preschool that I always climbed on the way home, I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. Arborvitae on the other hand, ugh. Right at the top of my hate list, I hate them as much as I hate wax begonias.

    • I have such mixed feelings on arbs. In general I don’t like them but I’ve seen some very majestic 100+ year old specimens in cemeteries and woodlands in the area. Usually though the poor things get placed one after another in soldier lines and just look sad and artificial. Isle Royale in Lake Superior has something they call Cathedral Grove which is this beautiful natural grove of arborvitae that are like 200 years old and I’m going to stop now because this is getting ranty. But yes they need to be banned from yards.

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