Question for the world

Anyone got any experience planting Cyclamen hederifolium outside?  I got 5 bulbs from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs today and the instructions are really vague on how deep to plant and how much light they want.

And since I’m mentioning the bulb order I suppose I should mention the rest of my haul!  I got myself a Gloriosa lily (orange) and for the garden I’m making I got the cyclamen mentioned above, 5 Bletilla orchids, ‘Arabian Knight’ martagon lily, and “Gold heart” bleeding heart.  They’re currently half off their summer catalog so I’d recommend checking them out in case you need any cheap unique things!


5 thoughts on “Question for the world

  1. Plant them very shallow. The top of the bulb should be almost at the soil surface. They like to grow under deciduous trees, given they are summer dormant with leaves from fall to early summer, the deciduous trees give them lots of light most of the time they’re actively growing. As and aside, I’ve had bad luck getting them established from dried bulbs. Now I buy them in pots from Arrowhead Alpines (which also gives me the chance to pick out the leaf patterns I like best), and they’ve grown like champs and started self-seeding.

    • Thanks! I’ve tried fall planting the bulbs with no luck before…this will be my first attempt with spring. I guess since I’ve got them I might as well plant them (they were only half like $3 for 5 anyways). They seem nice and plump so who knows. If all goes well I’m sure there will be post about it at some point.

  2. I haven’t planted them from bulbs before, but I wish you luck. I love cyclamens!

    I’m also curious about how the bletillas do for you. What zone are you in again?

  3. My only experience with planting cyclamen was that they never came up, the one time I tried. That was too long ago, though, can’t remember well enough to figure out what I might have done wrong.

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