Brick Path Update

Obviously I’ve got a little bit of work ahead of me still but hey progress has been made!  I just have that one branch to the right left and then all the bricks shall be in the ground!  I’ll have to go back and tweek the brickwork in some areas because I don’t like how they look but the hard part is getting close to being done so I don’t really care about that. I decided that I’m going to make the part in the back right a kind of secret garden type thing.  You can’t really see it at all unless you walk back there.  I was thinking of opening it up so you can see it from the house but now I’m not so keen on that.  I got a small weeping japanese maple that I’m going to put back there and I think I’ll find some nice low growing perennials to make a carpet around it.  I’m going to leave it more meadowy/unkempt than the rest of the garden.  I might try to find some old statue in a vague state of ruin as well to throw back there.  Who knows, the plan for this garden changes every time I’m over there anyways.  Also I just noticed that the part of the path closest to the viewer looks like it’s missing bricks.  It’s not.  They’re just under mud.  I’m hoping that the scotch moss will help prevent these mud flows from covering it every time it rains out.

I apologize if this seems very ranting and rambling.  I’m tired and excited about all the work I’ve done and have absolutely no coherence left in my brain.

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