Now for a completely random list.

I felt a need to vocalize my dislike for certain vegetables and decided this is a great place to vocalize it.  Certain veggies just bother me…and here they are!


Water Chestnut


Bean Sprouts

Green Peppers (but not red, which I still won’t eat raw but they’ve recently been upgraded to “won’t refuse to eat something because they’re in it” status)

Most olives

Cooked Green Beans

Alfalfa Sprouts

Scratch that, make that ANY sprouts

Warm Lettuce

Mustard Greens


Anything added to tuna/chicken salad to give it “crunch”.  I hate crunchy sandwiches unless it’s fried.

Hrm I think I might be a stick in the mud…but I really can’t stand these things.  I have no idea what prompted this but it’s been bugging me for a while now and I think this might be a sign of me being absurd.


8 thoughts on “Now for a completely random list.

  1. I really like green peppers, but they wreck my entire digestive system for about 24 hours after eating them, so I’ve had to stop. (And/or substitute jalapenos, which for some reason my body accepts just fine.)

  2. Celeriac is the only vegetable I absolutely dislike. Not a big fan of peppers, either – in fact, the only ones I eat voluntarily are the pointy light green ones. Although I don’t know about water chestnuts, jicama (whatever that is), sprouts and warm lettuce, never having eaten them.
    Kohlrabi, I love, like all other Brassicaceae, but I can’t eat too much of any of them because they make me fart like crazy (yeah, I know, you really didn’t need to know that ;) ) – doesn’t bother ME so much, but other people mightn’t be so happy about it.

  3. Green Peppers – disagree. Easy to grow awesome to eat.

    Your list is missing the vial enemy of mankind the onion.

    Not a veggie but also lame is mushrooms.

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