The Bulbs Are Coming, The Bulbs Are Coming!

For the first time in lord knows how long I’ve actually had a halfway decent turnout of the bulbs I’ve planted.  So now you’ll get a slight preview of one of the gardens I’ve got going at Michael’s mom’s house.

I know from here it doesn’t look like much.  The tarp is probably the hottest part, I know.  It’s just so…chic.  Ok I’m being completely sarcastic and lazy.  I really should move the tarp one of these days.  Anyways in here there are a smattering of Fritillaria uva-vulpis along with a clump of Fritilaria persica surrounded by some large yellow daffodil, and two clumps of yellow Fritillaria imperialis surrounded by Queen of The Night tulips.  If you haven’t picked up on it black and yellow was my color theme for this particular little garden.  As I continue developing this little patch of land I’m going to try and have it different colors for different seasons.  Spring will be black and yellow, summer will be red, yellow and orange, and fall will be purple, pink, and white.  Anyways, lets take a close up look at our plants shall we?

These are one of the clumps of Fritillaria uva vulpis.  Not much to say about them.  I’ve never actually seen them in person before so I’m excited to see what they do.  On a side note, isn’t uva vulpis a great name?  Fox’s grape!  So charming!  According to Paghat’s Garden they also contain more DNA than any other plant or animal that’s been tested.

Unfortunately I think the daffodils are going to bloom a lot sooner than the Fritillaria so I might have to adjust this planting later in the fall when its time for new bulbs.

I’m pretty sure these are yellow tulips..either that or they’re more of the Queen of the Nights but I don’t remember planting those anywhere except around the yellow Fritillaria.

And last but not least my yellow Fritillaria.  I’m excited for these.  I’ve never lived somewhere where these are hardy before so I can’t wait to see them up close and personal.  I must say I’m surprised that the tulips around it don’t have dark leaves.  Usually plants with such intensely colored flowers have some trace of pigment in their foliage.

I’m really excited to see how this garden grows and develops over the season.  Even if I don’t get the colors all at once like I want it’ll still be fun to see what I have to work with for next fall.


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