New Orchid!

So.  I got my computer back.  AND I got a new camera!  This should mean more posts (but who knows).  Anyways…during my time off from blogging I got at least one new plant of note.  Who is my new plant you ask?  It’s a variegated Phalaenopsis orchid!  Admittedly it could be a Doritis or a cross of the who but I’m just going to call it a phal.  Also you are advised to ignore the dying leaf on my Phragmepedium behind it.  I don’t know why but I find the pink and cream coloring really striking.  I think it will make a nice addition to the bathroom orchid/violet collection.

My friend from college, Steph, just moved to Milwaukee, which is about an hour north of me.  I decided to go visit her and noticed her horrible lack of houseplants so we had to make a journey to the nearest greenhouse.  Truth be told the greenhouse was comically bad, they only had one tiny house of plants and the other 99% of the store was assorted crafts and crap.  The plants were in pretty good shape though and their prices weren’t bad at all so we did get her some nice starter plants (don’t ask me what though… I just remember a couple Selaginella and that’s about it) but I did see this baby sitting on the shelf with a sticker that said $8!  Needless to say I had to have it (even though I’d sworn off buying anymore orchids for a while).  Steph ended up buying it for me as a thank you for helping me pick out stuff present so I didn’t even have to pay!  Yay free plants!  I have no idea what variety it is.  I’m hoping to figure that out at some point.

In other exciting news, I think my Ophiopogon survived the winter!

The leaves are still firmly attached and quite firm so I don’t think it’s going anywhere!  W00t for plants surviving winters in places they shouldn’t!


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