Iochroma returns!

My Iochroma is putting out a flush of blooms right now so I thought I’d share :)  The flash makes them look bluer than they really are, they’re really a nice true violet color that just glows when the sun hits them.  I’ve got two more clusters coming so hopefully I’ll still have some blooms for the next GBBD.  My plant randomly sent up a 4 foot tall stem starting a month ago.  I was going to cut it off so that it would branch but now I’m glad I didn’t (the blooms are of course on that random sucker).

In slightly geekier news, has anyone seen this?  They’re comic books with seeds embedded in the paper so you can plant them when you’re done.  I’m not a huge comic person but this could be good just for the plant geek factor.  Extra nerdy Christmas gifts anyone?

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