Korean Melon

Today I’m going to be telling you about Korean Melon (Curcumis melo var I have no idea what), also sometimes called Chameh (or so the sign at Super H Mart tells me).  I first learned of this glorious fruit during my six month internship at Longwood Gardens.  One of my roommates was from Korea and always had the most exciting food, Korean Melon being one of them.

The perfume that these fruits produce is amazing.  Between the melon and the guava my entire apartment smelled like a tropical heaven.  Once I ate the guava it just smelled like melon which was still so summery and wonderful I could barely stand to eat it and make the smell go away.

They’re pretty small as far as melons go.  They’re generally about the size of a baseball or maybe a little larger, which makes it all the more amazing that one can perfume the entire apartment.

So what do they taste like?  The taste is pretty similar to cantaloupe but the texture is pretty un-melony.  They’re crispy.  They kind of have a similar texture to water chestnuts, but just a tad softer.

The seeds are tiny.  I didn’t bother collecting any because I have absolutely no space for a melon plant.  I do know they get to be a full size vine because my roommate at Longwood grew them and they took over (before succumbing to bacterial wilt and dying just like everyone elses’ cucurbits).  They were easy enough to start, just like any other melon or cucumber.  The fruits are small enough that it might be worth it to try and grow them in a large pot on a trellis.


So now you’re at the grocery store and you want to know how to pick one out, right?  It’s pretty easy.  If it doesn’t smell good you don’t want it.  If it is soft you don’t want it.  You want nice firm good smelling melons.


On a side note I’ve noticed lately that some seed companies are selling a variety of melon called Silverline/Silver Line/ Early Silverline, etc that looks just like this.  I’ve never tried it but I’m guessing it’s probably a variety of Korean Melon (not that I know if Korean Melon is a cultivar or a group of cultivars like muskmelon).  Anyways if you’ve made it this far into the review I definitely recommend you buy the first one you see.  They’re amazing!


3 thoughts on “Korean Melon

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