Something from my life outside of plants

Yes Barbara, I do have a life outside of plants (I have no idea who Barbara is but I find the name amusing so she is my generic “I’m not really addressing anyone in particular but want to use a name” name).  Not much of a life but it’s a life.  I also paint model buildings for my currently-not-set-up model railroad.  My latest building is an early 20th century American commercial building (think main street America).  This one  took me about 1 month of work time total not including the 2 months where I got sick of not liking where it was going and just not working on it.  Originally it was going to be tan with blue trim but every time I had to touch up the paint I couldn’t get the color mixed quite right.  Then I decided it was time for me to have a derelict building so I purposefully made the paint splotchy and cruddy looking.  After letting it sit for two months in a state of despair I decided that my little 1:87 scale town will not be having any buildings slumming it up (aside from the trailer in the woods on the outskirts…but it’s in the woods and not visible from the hard working people of my unnamed town so it doesn’t count).  So about two days ago I repainted the whole thing so now it’s red brick with blue trim and tan window sills.  I think it turned out quite nicely myself.  Now I need to get myself another building so I can start the whole process all over again!

In actual plant news I have decided that I’m going to use a small portion of my tax return (once I get it) to finally buy the Crinum bulb and “Yellow Blossom” Caladium bulbs that I’ve wanted for 2 years now.  They just better not sell out before I get a chance to get them!


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