Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day February 2011

I’ve actually got stuff blooming in my apartment so I decided why not participate in GBBD for the first time ever.  What is GBBD?  It’s a bunch of people with gardening blogs posting pictures of what’s blooming in their homes/yards.  See May Dreams Gardens for a whole list of people participating.  What’s blooming for me you ask?  Not much but it’s something.

First we have my trailing African Violet.  It can’t decide if it wants to be a single flowered or double flowered violet (and it has yet to decide to start trailing either)  It does like to bloom a lot though (2 months straight now!)

Next up I’ve got my Cyclamen that’s been going at it for about 3 months now.  It was looking a lot better a week ago but then I went out of town and things went to hell.  I wish I bought a different color…I’m really sick of seeing white at this point.  The fragrance from it is nice though and white definitely goes better with my blue violet than a red or purple one would.

That’s it for plants that are really blooming.  The next two are probably kind of cheating but oh well.

First up we have my Iochroma cyaneum ‘Purple Queen’  It’s all budded up and ready to go.  It would probably be open by now if I didn’t go out of town and not have anyone water it.  This issue actually kept me up at night several times while I was out of town for a week.  I considered calling the landlord and asking him to water it for me but decided that was a bit extreme even for me.  In the end it survived (horribly wilted but still) and now the buds are showing color.  I’ll have to post when they actually open.  The shade of purple it gets is one of my favorite flower colors ever.

And last but not least is my 2 dozen roses that I got from work yesterday because we barely sold any.  I’m not really into pink or white flowers but because it was either this or red I chose this.  The kool-aid pitcher just adds to the classiness of getting yourself roses.


7 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day February 2011

  1. I’ve never had luck with Cyclamen. Might try one in the bedroom now, but what good is a blooming plant where I hardly ever see it?
    Your ‘vase’ made me laugh, but if I got more than one two or three cut flowers at a time, the only thing I could put them in is a beer jug.

    • I’m glad it made you laugh. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. As for the Cyclamen I’d never had any luck with them before but it turns out my bathroom in my new apartment is perfect for them. It’s west facing with a glass block window (so it’s really bright but not intense) and really drafty (so it’s always pretty cold there). It seems to absolutely love it. I’m sure once summer comes it will go dormant from all the heat and I’ll just stick an orchid there or something. Strangely my African Violets are there too and they love it. I would have expected the cool temps to bother them but it doesn’t seem to.

      • I find that plants often take a lot more cold than we expect them to – the shop at work is pretty cool most of the time (15°C/59F is ‘warm’, usually it’s below that – and the door is open whenever it’s not absolutely freezing), and most houseplants have never complained about it.

    • I’m trying them outdoors for the first time this year. I can’t wait to see if the corms survived the winter! The one grown indoors is typically C. persicum because it doesn’t go dormant as easily as the rest.

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