I Think I’m In Love!

About a month ago I got a new houseplant.  I’d been waiting to write anything about it because I wanted to see how it did since I couldn’t find any real information about it (other than how to grow it with reptiles in a terrarium).  This bit about terrariums always made me a little nervous… I thought it might demand really high humidity or something, but that hasn’t seemed to be the case (then again with my aquariums and abundance of houseplants I might just have higher humidity than I thought).

Anyways…my new plant is Parthenocissus stricta.  It’s basically a miniature version of P. quinquefolia (Virginia creeper).  It looks pretty much just the same except it’s about 1/8th the size.  Each leaf cluster is the size of a silver dollar!  It’s completely adorable!  I think I might just be excited because I love palmately compound leaves (there is something so tropical about them), but it really is proving to be an easy grower too!  I’ve got it in a west window and it gets watered about once a week.  It’s already grown about 6 inches this month which doesn’t REALLY surprise me since it is a Parthenocissus.  It trails quite nicely but apparently it will cling to wood and grow vertical too (as I discovered when I just tried to move a vase full of cuttings that latched onto the windowsill).

If you happen to come across one I fully recommend it.  I found mine at Home Desperate (Home Depot for those lacking in sarcasm), and they only had one.  I haven’t seen any since. But seriously!  Buy it!  I love it!

I’m going to be out of town for about a week so don’t be surprised if I don’t update for a little bit.  Enjoy your week!

6 thoughts on “I Think I’m In Love!

  1. It’s cute – I had one of them, but threw it out when it got spider mites (which I noticed way too late).
    I’m tempted to try again… it seems to like cooler temps in winter, so I might put it in the bedroom (where the heating is off), and while I don’t have quite so many plants there (yet), I hang my laundry in there, should raise the humidity too, at least on laundry days… hmm..

  2. Hi Tom, was just catching up with your posts. This plant is really cool and seems like it isn’t too fussy. BTW, regarding seeds there will be a seed swap (some giveaways) at the Chicago Cultural Center on Feb 12th. I see you’ll be out of town, but if you’re back in time you should come to it. You can find info on it the blog linked to this comment.

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  4. I really enjoyed this short story about this cute Plant but, when I’ve bought one of this plant at Lowe’s in Houston, Texas it was really a beautiful plant until I’ve placed on my Patio which is like a miniature Jungle and very soon this beautiful plant become not so pretty and almost died. I could be watering too much…
    Anyways, I just tried to reproduce this plant from cuttings and I’ve used rooting powder in a greatest hope to grow better Parthenocissus Stricta.

    • Without having seen it I’m going to guess it probably came with mealybugs or spidermites. One of my pots got spidermites and within a week was in such horrible condition that i had to throw it out. I did also notice they burn out in the sun really fast and don’t seem to like the heat too much (mine grew much better all winter, as soon as summer hit it stopped doing anything). It’s such an adorable plant though, I’m not sure I can ever give up on it!

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