Blizzard part II

Much to my surprise the blizzard actually hit us and it hit us hard.  We got about 20-24 inches (~50-60cm) of snow with drifts upwards of 6 feet (1.8m).  It was all exciting until I realized that my train back to Minnesota was canceled and I’d have to stay and help shovel.  Shoveling that much snow is…evil.  We ended up flagging down a passing plow truck and he was willing to plow the end of our building’s driveway so at least we only had to shovel about 1/3 of the driveway.  Unfortunately it still took us 4 hours to do that much.  I didn’t get any good pictures of the snowfall itself but if you really want to know what it looked like just hold a sheet of white paper in front of your face.  We got a healthy amount of thunder and lightning and the winds were downright insane (60 mile an hour/90kph sustained winds!  weee!)  I got a couple pictures of the drifting and stuff, I didn’t think to take any pictures of the mountains we made shoveling so I might do that later.

4' high drift. Notice the building across the street has snow halfway up the door.

The arbs act as a windbreak the patio so it wound up with 3' of snow

Top of the trash cans

Some cool wind sculpting on a 4' dune

Buried cars

We did end up better off than people in the city though.  Lake Shore Drive ended up getting closed down but not before a whole mess of people were stuck there all night.  Really why would you think it was a good idea to drive on a lake front road when there was a high wave advisory?  And WHY did CTA think it was a good idea to keep sending buses down it even after it was a giant ice slick?!

I did make the mistake of being out running an errand when the storm first hit around 3:00.  It took me over two hours to go 5 miles.  It seemed odd that traffic was so horrendous because we weren’t getting a ton of snow at that point but it turned out a major stop light was out on the road I was on AND everyone was let off work around 2 so it was basically the tail end of rush hour.  My trip home only took 20 minutes because everyone had already made it back home.  I’m just glad that I made it safely home and was able to watch it from the comfort of my tropical plant covered windows (Can a snow storm really be that bad when you’re viewing it through a screen of Hibiscus, assorted gingers and a bunch of other tropicals?

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