More from the frozen northland

Part two of my trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory begins…now!  Looks like we froze time in the Orchid room so I guess we’ll pick up there.

This lovely Paphiopedium was unlabeled but it sure was pretty.  It had a very graceful, almost Phragmipedium look about it (I wonder if those two would hybridize and make something interesting?  I’m sure they’re out there…I just haven’t seen one…if someone could make a plant with the flower color of Phrag. bessei with the leaves of any of the mottled leaf Paphs I think I would be in heaven).

This one wasn’t particularly notable for it’s blooms (which were nice enough) but for it’s hulking mass.  That is a 12 inch basket it’s in.  It was not a dainty little dancing lady…maybe more of a Klondike Kate (For those of you unfamiliar with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival feel free to click the link to learn about the character of Klondike Kate).

This one wasn’t labeled but I’m fairly certain it is Phalenopsis “Polka Dots”.  There are about a million white phals with purple dots so I can’t be too sure but they all look the same to me anyways.

And now we’re gonna waddle back into the fern room to look at what I think ended up being my favorite fern.  It’s Asplenium nidus ‘Fibriatum’ or in english fringed bird’s nest fern.  I want one.  Now.  Too bad I’ve never seen it before and probably never will find one for sale.

I also really liked this variegated Nephrolepsis (I think the variety was Tiger or something like that).

Ferns and Dinosaurs are like BFFs yo.

Oh look we’re back in the palm dome now.   This might just be the most amazing Abutilon I’ve ever seen (so of COURSE we can’t label it!).  I think it’s even prettier than “Voodoo” which was my previous favorite.

Ok I think we’ve hit enough for this post.  Tomorrow we shall finish up this journey and move on to bigger and better things (ok that’s a flat out lie, this is the most exciting plant related thing that’s happened to me in a while).

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