Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago

Today I took a trip with a friend of a friend of a friend to the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  It’s no where near as big as the Garfield Park Conservatory but it’s still a lovely time.  It was built in the 1890’s and has a much darker and industrial look than the conservatory in Saint Paul.

I don’t really know a ton about the history of the building but if you want to read about it here is the wikipedia page.  There is also a lily pool done in the Prairie style of landscape architecture that I still have never seen (but desperately want to…this summer I WILL go see it!).  Anyways enough talk, time for plant pictures!

I love the look of the blue glass chips scattered among the neon pothos and golden duranta.  It’s a lot more obvious in person.

I wish I took a picture of the sign for this one…it was labeled “Bromeliad flowered palm” but I don’t remember the Latin name and of course can’t find any info for it online.

The fern room (are all conservatories required to have a fern room and a palm dome?  I have yet to visit one that doesn’t have both of these).  I’m not complaining, I love ferns as much as the next guy but I feel like cacti and aquatics get the shaft when it comes to conservatory space.

I do love love love giant cycads though and this Cycas circinalis does not disappoint.

The Orchid room didn’t have a ton of excitement this trip.  I did learn two new plants though and I think I’ve fallen head over heals for Combretum grandflorum (the vine with the orange new growth).  I love plants that incorporate orange into their foliage (does that make me weird?).

The other plant I really liked was (labeled as but I’m still not really sure that is what it is) Anthurium polystichum.  I’ve never heard of a vining Anthurium before and I really liked the laciness of it.


I have more pictures to post but I’m starving and Michael will be home from work soon so I’m going to go make dinner.



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