Phalaenopsis Bloom

I got this plant as a gift from a co-worker a few years ago.  The first time it bloomed I thought it was hideous.  The yellow was much more peach and the pink was much more peach.  All in all it looked like a flower made of human flesh.  Subsequent bloomings, such as this one, have been much less like a plant Jeffrey Dahmer would like and much more pleasing to gaze upon however.  I’m a little concerned though…the foliage is really shriveled up because I went away for a week and it didn’t quite get as much water as it should have I guess.  It’s currently in the ICU (sitting in the bathroom so I can splash water on it’s aerial roots whenever I think of it), but I’m sure it will pull through just fine.  As for the variety I really have no idea who it is.


4 thoughts on “Phalaenopsis Bloom

  1. I have 8 orchids that are about to bloom :), I don’t know anything about the varieties because they are mostly from Ikea. When they start I will have to get a picture of my collection and figure out how to post it!

  2. Well this one decided it was time to die because it promptly croaked last week. I guess it was blooming in a last ditch effort to not die out completely? Oh well…there are plenty more plants where that one came from!

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