I knocked over my Amorphophallus konjac this morning while I was puttering around the apartment.  I decided it was a good time to repot it since it was just laying there all…exposed and such (and no one wants something who’s Latin name means shapeless penis laying around exposed) so I figured it was time to get it into a prettier pot.  I’m a little scared now though…

I really hope that’s just going to be a slowwwwww to emerge leaf spike and not a flower.  I’ve never grown one of these before so I’m not really sure when they break dormancy but I do know I’m not ready for a 4 foot tall flower that smells like road kill.  I think it’s still too young to flower anyways so maybe I’ll be lucky.  And no, I do not know why I own a plant that I don’t want to flower.  I just do.  Ok?  Actually I would like it to flower eventually…when I have my own greenhouse that I can put it in and not smell.


I am pleased with how large the tuber got, it nearly doubled in size from when I bought it so yay for that.



It also decided that it was time to make babies I guess.  I found a little small tuber attached to the mother bulb.  It broke off when I was picking it up so I decided to pot it up with the mother plant.  Maybe I’ll have two next year!  Wait…do I really need two of these?  Oh well, maybe I’ll finally have something kind of cool to trade with someone.


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