Sad news from the windowsill

There have been a couple of deaths in the window garden.  It appears my hand crossed lovers just weren’t meant to be.  Actually it means that I didn’t do a good enough job watering my amaryllis before I left for a week so the plant aborted the seed pod.  ::sigh::  There is always next year!  I’m kind of bummed because I was hoping to have some seedlings to play with.  I guess I’ll just have to order something out of a catalog instead (has anyone else been having an overload of catalogs?  High Country Gardens has sent me TWO this week.  TWO.  I don’t need two of the same catalog with different pictures on the cover).

The other death was my Synsepalum dulcificum a.k.a Miracle Berry.  That one died because they hate being alive.  Seriously from a week after I bought it about 6 months ago it just kept getting more and more chlorotic.  No matter what I did to treat it I couldn’t get it enough iron and a low enough pH.  Not to mention they’re so sensitive to over fertilization that dechlorinated tap water STILL had too many minerals for it (though my tap water is fairly high in copper so maybe that is what it OD’d on?).  My advice?  Unless you live in an acid bog don’t bother with trying to grow your own miracle berry.  This is my second attempt with the exact same results.  As much as I love the fruit I just can’t justify spending money on it again.  For those of you who don’t already know about miracle berry it contains a (protein?  enzyme?  magic?) that coats your tongue and prevents you from tasting acid.  You still taste bitter, salty, sweet and that weird 5th flavor that has some Japanese name, just not sour.  It makes lemons taste like candy and grapefruits like pommelos.  It makes oranges sickeningly sweet.  It is actually kind of obnoxious because it lasts for about 30-60 minutes so everything tastes all strange.  But the novelty is fun when you’re doing it on purpose!

I also nearly lost my Iochroma plant but fortunately it perked right back up after I watered it.  The leaves were all curled in and crunch so I thought it was for sure a goner.

My Christmas cactus (true christmas cactus, not thanksgiving) decided to kill off one of it’s stems which irritates me.  I love it dearly and I just want to to do well!  Why does it have to go and kill off 1/3 of the pot?!  The other two are still doing really well though so I guess I can’t complain tooooo much.


9 thoughts on “Sad news from the windowsill

  1. Oh great…It’s a good thing my boss is letting me use her green house to start seeds! That site looks like it has lots of fun things that my bank account will wish I didn’t know about!

    As for HCG I have no idea but I think they want the entire country to look like the Sonoran desert so they’re trying to eliminate all trees EVER.

  2. Booh for Hippeastrum miscarriages!

    That Miracle berry sounds like a wonderfully weird fruit – would be fun to try (the effect, not the growing), I guess, but since I’ve never even heard of it, I don’t suppose I’ll ever get a chance.

    As for the Schlumbergera, you should see what one of mine has gotten up to – I’ve posted about it when it started to fall apart, but now there’s hardly anything left of it! Bah.

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