My little Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) is all grown up!  Well she’s swelling up and looks preggers at any rate.  My pollination attempt is going well so far!  The ovary on the flower I pollinated is at least twice as big as the three that were unpollinated.  I suppose I should start researching how to grow these things from seed!  Anyone know if it needs to be fresh or dried?  Could this post be any more rambling?  Yes it can!  I think I found out who daddy (the double pink one from two entries ago) is!  It seems to be a good match with “Lady Jane” which is not exactly the most masculine name for my male parent but it’s 2010 so I think we can all be OK with that and let them continue their non-traditional romance.

Fat and Sassy!

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy

  1. Like I said in my last comment, I tried it as a kid, but never managed to get them to germinate. Then again, I was about seven, so it might just be I wasn’t too careful about watering… no idea how hard it really is!

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