Hippeastrum pollination fun time

So today I decided to see if I could cross two of my new amaryllis plants.  The first one is an unknown double pink/salmon colored one (I bought one of those stupid gift boxes you see at home depot.  It said it was supposed to be a nice bright pink.  LIES.  But I do like what I got instead) and the other is the classic “Red Lion”.

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to cross them at all because the double one completely lacked any reproductive structures(Surprise!).  Upon some poking around I did manage to find a “petal” (I say that in quotes because I can’t remember if there is a term for anthers that have mutated into petals/petal like structures) that hadn’t completely formed and still had a trace of an anther growing on it which provided me with some pollen (I have no clue if it’s still viable pollen but why not try?).

I couldn’t really get a good picture of Red Lion but at any rate here are pictures of the parents.

Unknown Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum 'Red Lion'

The actual pollination event was nothing exciting.  Just take a q-tip to the pollen and rub it on the stigma of the mother plant.  In this case I had to do H. Unknown X Red Lion because Unknown didn’t have any female parts (due to the mutation that caused the reproductive organs to be petals instead).  I can’t wait to see if something interesting results from this cross (but I’m not really getting my hopes up).

4 thoughts on “Hippeastrum pollination fun time

  1. I’ve never tried this. As a kid, I sometimes tried to grow plants from the seeds my mother’s Hippeastrums had set, but that never worked. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for it now, to wait until the seedlings are big enough to bloom.

  2. I love growing stuff from seed! Half the time Once it sprouts and does something interesting I end up throwing the plant away because I just wanted to see if i could do it. I get the feeling it could be decades before these would do anything though…

    • Oops. I’ll remember that next time. The anthers were hidden on some of the “petals”, they just didn’t fully mutate. Some of the edges had big clumps of pollen on them so I figured why not try it! This year I’m going to try H. ‘Red Pearl’ x H. ‘Neon Rose’. I’ve heard neon rose is a really poor parent plant so I’m not too enthusiastic but if I’ve got the plants why not try!

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