Iochroma cyaneum ‘Purple Queen’

In addition to my African Violets mentioned previously I have another surprise bloomer.  My Iochroma has decided that it is time for another round of blooms!  They’re not super spectacular when it’s just this one cluster of three flowers but they really are nice in the summer when there are dozens at one time.  Plus I really like the color.   I don’t know why but I’ve always loved flowers that have a nice rich, inky purple color to them.  This plant has been really surprising for me.  I bought it this spring in a 4″ pot and promptly forgot about it.  This fall I rediscovered it looking like crap when I was boxing up my plants to get ready to move.  I decided to give it another shot so I brought it with me to Chicago.  I repotted it into a 6″ pot, stuck it on the table in the east window and hoped for the best.  Well the thing has tripled in size in 3 months and now it’s putting out blooms for me.  I’m really happy with it.  I figured it would do the Brugmansia thing (a close relative) and attract every mite in the world then go dormant.  Nope, bug free so far and doing great!   It might do even better if I was more consistant with the watering (instead of only watering when it wilts…).  All in all, a plant I’d recommend.

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