Random Flowering Event

My two african violets (Saintpaulia ionantha ‘Harmony’s Cotton Candy’ and an unknown trailing purple cultivar) are blooming!  I’ve never had much luck with getting violets to bloom before but they love my new apartment.  The bathroom has a west facing window made of glass block so it’s really bright but not very intense.  It also has a nice deep ledge for my plants to sit on.  I figured this might be a good place to try the violets and sure enough it was!  Cotton Candy has been in bloom for about a month now and the trailer just opened today.  The trailer was grown from a cutting a friend gave me so I was really excited to see it flower since neither of us knew what it would look like.  Anywho here are the pictures!   The color is a little off from the flash…Cotton Candy is really more of a light lavender with pale yellow highlights, not sky blue and white.  The trailer is a really dark purple, much more so than the picture shows.


Harmony's Cotton Candy





















Purple Trailing violet























The sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) that sits between them has also bloomed.  I think my plants just like the humidity but what ever the cause is I’m happy!


2 thoughts on “Random Flowering Event

  1. A bathroom with a window – I’m jealous! :) I do have one now, at my mother’s place, but I won’t have one once I move.
    I’m often tempted to get another Saintpaulia, but keep putting it off until I’m actually in my new place, where I’ll hopefully have more room. I had to throw out my last two because they were full of some kind of mites.

  2. Ugh. Mites are awful. I’m hoping keeping my violets away from the rest of the collection prevents them from getting bugs because I really don’t want to have to get rid of them. They’re really nice plants once you get them in a sunny enough spot to bloom. I had given up on them for the longest time but they were throwing the blue one away at work so I had to rescue it because it was so pretty! I’m really glad i did, it’s been making me really happy.

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