Minnesota State Fair (Almost nothing to do with plants)

Carving one of the Dairy Princesses into a 90 pound block of butter

Last week I returned to the great state of Minnesota for the Minnesota State Fair.  What a great fair it was.  1.8 million visitors in 10 days (Almost but not quite the record).  For the few of you who read this that don’t know what it’s all about the Fair is basically a big party celebrating Minnesota culture.  Mostly agriculture but less so now than it used to be.  They’ve also got art competitions, rides, and food.  So so so much food.  Almost all of it is deep fried and served on a stick.  The rest of it is either deep fried OR served on a stick.  For more on the fair click here.  The picture above is a butter sculpture being carved.  Every year they pick 12 finalists who get their heads carved into blocks of butter.  They then have to spend the rest of the state fair promoting Minnesota Dairy to the fair goers.  The winner of the whole competition gets crowned Princess Kay of the Milky Way and spends the rest of the year promoting the dairy industry.

The fair was a hoot.  I would have eaten more but the power was out for a while so all the grease cooled off meaning it would take forever before more food could be fried.  What I did have was fantastic though!  I had a pronto pup, funnel cake, cheese curds and more but I’m currently blanking on what it all was.  Anyways I’m just going to post some more pictures because I don’t really have a whole ton to say other than weeeeeeee I love the fair.

Finished sculptures

Crowds near the livestock barns

Beaver sculpture made from trash pulled from the Mississippi River

Newborn sheep in the Miracle of Birth barn

Minnesota's largest boar, a 5 year old named Reggie who weighed 1450 lbs (or 659.1kg)

The Horticulture Building after it's facelift (it used to be all white)

Largest pumpkins in the state

Prize winning veggies

Some of the state's largest veggies

Politically active seed art

The food building

The Midway

Everyone loves a funhouse!

Corn shucker

Antique tractor

Human slingshot

I can't rotate the picture :( Minnesota is the Gopher State. This guy is kind of the state fair mascot.

Is one more corndog really too much to ask for?

So there you have it in a nutshell, my 2010 trip to the Minnesota State Fair!

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