Hibiscus syriacus

People here think I’m crazy for being so excited about Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus).  It’s not MY fault I grew up in a frozen tundra where we don’t have anything vaguely tropical looking.  They’re not even that common here so it’s not like I’m getting excited about kentucky blue grass or something.  Oh well.  At least I’m happy amused by the new (well new for me being able to grow) plants.

In house plant news my houseplants are doing mostly well.  My poor Amorphophallus konjac has sun burn really badly from it’s week outside.  I thought I had it in the shade but I guess at some point it got direct sun on it.

Amorphophallus with sunburn

My Ficus altissima didn’t get nearly as much burn as I thought it would.  Just these little burns on one leaf.

Sun burn on my Ficus altissima

Bowiea volubilis

Most of my plants are ding quite well though.  My climbing onion (the Bowiea above) is quite happy growing amongst the cardamom plant  (Elettaria cardamomum). I’m missing my outdoor plants a ton though.  Just before I left I found a stand of wild princess pine (Lycopodium obscurum) and ground cedar (Lycopodium complanatum) so I dug up small portions to transplant into my yard.  My mom says they’re still doing well but I still can’t wait to see for myself when I go home this week.  Speaking of going home next week it’s state fair time!  Which means when I come back I’ll have lots of pictures of prize winning flowers and plants to share with everyone!


4 thoughts on “Hibiscus syriacus

  1. What is it with the sunburned Amorphophalluses? The one at work got burned, too – ironically, it had been moved by the work crew installing shadecloth in the greenhouse, and ended up in a sunnier spot for a few days.

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