I’ve moved!

Not the website but me personally.  I have left behind the tundra of Minnesota for…the tundra of Illinois.  I thought you guys might enjoy this picture of the movers struggling to not let all my stuff come tumbling out the back of the U-Haul

But now that is all behind me!  The plants are happily settled in for the most part.  I left 3 boxes of them outside for a few days while we got the apartment straightened up.  I thought they were in the shade.  Turns out they weren’t.  I lost my Myrmecodia beccarii which really upsets me because I don’t know if I’ll ever find one again and it was a graduation present from a friend when I graduated from college.  I also lost a Cattleya orchid that I’m not too broken up over because I’m kind of sick of my orchids. A few other plants such as my Ficus altissima and Amorphophallus konjac got a little sunburned but overall they’re in good shape.  Now I just need to get a job so I can continue to pay for their upkeep.

I’d love to post more pictures but apparently my camera hates me so that won’t be happening.  But really if you can imagine about 30 assorted plants sitting happily in an east facing window you can imagine my living room right now.  Hopefully they like this window more than my old one.  The old window was amazing in the winter (south with bare trees outside) but once summer hit it was too shady for it.  The trees are a bit farther from this window so more sun gets in until about noon.  It’s been about a week and there hasn’t been any stretching yet so I’m hoping all continues to go well!


4 thoughts on “I’ve moved!

  1. I’ve always found moving itself fun – the getting settled in, not so much. Packing up is fun, unpacking – no, thanks. And moving plants is scary. I’m still traumatised from the time my uncle moved my houseplants on his open trailer. In November.

  2. Oh my god. I can’t even bring plants outside in November most years. I was horrified when my dad just launched my bamboo into the back like it was a missile or something. I had to walk away and try not to scream. I think I might be a touch dramatic. As for the packing/unpacking business I think I prefer the reverse actually. No idea why.

  3. It was lucky it was still rather warm – but I’ve never forgiven him. If I ever move again, he won’t hear about it until it’s over. No way he’ll ‘help’ me again!

  4. Enjoy Illinois. There are plenty of wonderful gardens there, and be sure to make it out to the Morten Arboretum.
    It is almost as good as ours here in the Twin Cities.


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