Geraniums at the Greenhouse

I took some pictures in the back growing ranges at work the other day.  It’s pretty much all Pelargoniums but I thought they were too pretty not to share.


Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside

Left to right: Tricolor, Occuld Sheild, Crystal Palace Gem Pelargoniums.

Coleus seedlings! They're so great. Each leaf is the size of my pinky nail.

I bet you can pick out the coleus flats

Even as a tiny seedling with two true leaves the Mimulus is just bursting with blooms.

Spring is finally coming.  Actually in the Twin Cities it’s been here for about a month, it just has taken a brief haitus (hates us?).  I’m hoping tonight is going to be the last night of freeze/frost warnings but who knows.  Minnesota… the land of stupid weather.  At least the last two frosts haven’t harmed anything in my area, I’d be annoyed if I had to wait for the trees to leaf out again (My apartment overlooks some ugly train tracks but in the summer you can’t see them through all the trees).  Working at a greenhouse really makes me impatient and I just want to plant everything outside NOW!

I did get a couple new plants this week.  The one I’m most excited for is my Puya alpestris.  It is a tiny plant in a 4″ pot so it’ll probably never get big enough to bloom for me but I’m still excited!  I also got a native bulblet fern, Cystopeteris bulbifera, (which blows my mind, I didn’t know any were hardy this far north!) Dicentra scandens (I don’t think it’s hardy here but it was only 3 dollars!) and a climbing fumitory (Adlumia fungosa)
which I guess is kind of rare in it’s native habitat.  I’m so excited to get all of this planted out!

I haven’t mentioned my veggie patch lately (if at all).  In late march I planted my lettuce and peas…they started growing great and then decided to go and be eaten by the rabbits.  Stupid rabbits.  They also completely demolished my blueberry bushes and raspberry canes.  I am not pleased.  I’m hoping that the raspberries and peas will at least grow enough for me to get SOMETHING from them.  I’ve had veggies for I don’t know how many years (Ok I’m only 24 it can’t be THAT many) and I’ve never had this problem before.  I guess I’ll just have to learn to fence better next year.


2 thoughts on “Geraniums at the Greenhouse

  1. Your bunny problems remind me of my dad with his vegetable garden. It turned out that the rabbits had actually nested INSIDE the garden fence and were living underneath our rhubarb plant.

  2. I love the view of tables full of flowers – I see enough of them at work, of course, but I still love it. I never have time to take pictures there, though, and by now, our greenhouses are already beginning to empty.

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