Spring in the neighborhood

The crab apples are extra early and extra beautiful this year.  Sorry I haven’t posted lately (Not that I know if anyone really reads this at all since no one comments!) but I’ve been really busy with work and volunteering at Como.  In between all of that I’ve been out enjoying the weather and my friends so I haven’t really been online much to post.  But I hope you enjoy the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Spring in the neighborhood

  1. What a lovely scenario! I wish I could use this to make post cards. I never let a full day pass
    Without a touch of leaf or flower, gardening and flowers are a kind of therapy to me to reduce stress.

  2. Your cacti are beautiful! I always bring mine in. I’ll have to see if I have a SW spot I can try leaving them in the ground. The last few years, I’ve been leaving them in pots (so I can move them around my shady yard!) and then I bring them in for winter. The princess Irene tulip is pretty. :)

    • Well, you have to make sure you have the right type of cacti. Mine are all either MN natives or at the very least native to other cold states. There are getting to be a fair number of garden centers that have the hardy ones. They’re really neat!

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