Cacti on the Run

Well, the cactus patch is really waking up now.  All my plants are showing pretty good new growth and I’m pretty darn excited.  I love all the looks my neighbors give me when I tell them the cacti really are going to stay out all winter and yes they’ll be just fine in the spring.  And now, because I don’t ever have much to say…the pictures!

Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks

Sedum reflexum crest

Opuntia and Bearberry

Buds on Opuntia

Buds on Opuntia fragilis

Escobaria missouriensis

Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Opuntia (possibly humifusa?) in bud

Growing cacti up here in the frozen north really isn’t too terribly difficult.  All they need is great drainage and no supplemental water after the first year.  Full sun is a must.  I’ve got mine in the south west corner of the yard.  The garden sits on top of a 6 foot tall retaining wall that was backfilled with mostly sand resulting in a very hot and dry location.  The cacti love it!  The neighbors always give me weird looks in the fall asking if I’m leaving my plants out all winter.  They’re always surprised every spring when they come are still alive.  Go figure.  The plants have been there for 3-6 years (depending on the plant) and they’ve had quite a bit of time to get used to them being there.


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