I think I’m going to post some pictures of one of my favorite spring ephemerals.  It is the lovely Sanguinaria canadensis, more commonly known as bloodroot.  The name comes from the red sap that exudes from the stems when broken (Sanguis being latin for blood).  There is a really nice double white form available called Sanguinaria canadensis f. multiplex (i’ve also heard it called florepleno).  It almost looks like a waterlily to me.  I wish I had a picture of one but alas, I don’t.  I also don’t have a picture of the leaves because they’re not out yet.  You can see them wrapped up with the stems for now though.  Just imagine that but larger and a bit more horizontal.  You don’t generally care about the foliage though because as the names suggest, they are ephemeral.  They’re usually gone by June for me along with my trout lily, squill, Chionodoxa, and other spring bulbs.  I don’t really have a whole ton more to say about this guy… I don’t know any legends about it or anything and it seems silly for me to just repost stuff that other people have posted if I didn’t already know about it to begin with because the point of this isn’t just for me to look up and regurgitate other people’s information.  So now lets just enjoy the beauty of Sanguinaria candensis!

Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanginaria canadensis


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