Hoar Frost

We had a lot of fog last night which froze onto all the trees giving everything a nice coating of hoar frost.  I decided to get some pictures of it because I don’t really have any nice pictures of winter yet.  There really isn’t anything to say about these pictures but I do hope you enjoy them!

Salix alba ‘Tristis’?  Salix babylonica?  Who knows!  I have yet to hear of this one refered to as the same thing two times in a row.

Scotch Pine – Pinus sylvestris

Southern end of the frog pond

More Scotch pine

Juniperus virginiana

The Conservatory

More eastern red cedar

The frog pond as seen from the enchanted garden

Pinus nigra

The Mannheimer Memorial, done by Cass Gilbert in 1906.  No one I’ve asked knows who the Mannheimer family is or why they have a memorial.

The former lily pond near the Mannheimer Memorial

This squirrel appeared out of no where about a foot in front of me and started eating crab apples.  It was kind of terrifying.


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