Enjoy these pictures!

The cruddy winter weather has had me in plant doldrums lately.  The overcast skies are really not doing much for me.  So I thought I’d share some more pictures of my time at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  These are from the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Here we have a thousand bloom mum.  It’s not quite 1000 blooms (454 to be exact).  They’re a whole heck of a lot of work, taking 15 months and a whole lot of people-hours to create.  There was another 1000 bloom mum behind this one which had two other colors grafted into it, however it wasn’t quite as large as this one.  Each of the stems is disbudded to the terminal bud (the bud at the very end of the stem) producing one large flower instead of dozens of smaller ones.

Here is an example of an irregular incurve mum (National Chrysanthemum Society Class 1).  The variety name is “Crimson Tide”.  The flower was somewhere between 6 and 8 inches across.

Whisp of Pink, a thistle mum, class 12.  One of my favorite mums.  I really like this entire class of mums.  They’re so unusual.  I want them ALL.  Now, please!

Not actually a mum picture, but still quite nice.  This is the carillon tower in it’s autumnal splendor.  Seriously, one of the most spectacular fall displays I’ve ever seen.

This was exciting to me because it was blooming.  In November.  Where I come from we don’t have much blooming on the 8th of November, especially not outside.  I can’t remember exactly which plant this is but I do know it is in Campanulaceae and probably in the genus Campanula.

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