First Post!

We’ll get this thing up and running soon.  In the mean time enjoy these pictures of some orchids from my internship at Longwood Gardens two summers ago.  I didn’t actually work with the orchids there but I did enjoy spending a lot of time looking at them.

The first is an Epidendrum hybrid that was on display in the palm house.  I don’t know the name but I’m sure it involves E. cinnabarinum.  I think they’re great, the lip looks just like a bird taking off to me.

The second picture is a semi-alba Cattleya hybrid (again, I did a terrible job getting cultivar names).  In a semi-alba the entire flower is white except the lip, which is often very brightly colored.  These are my favorite Cattleyas.  You’ll hear me say that about every Cattleya.  I really like them.

Finally we have a group of green Paphiopediums that were on display in the Fern Gallery.  Not really much to say about them other than that they are kinda weird looking, but in a good way.  They’re not my favorites but they are super easy to grow which is a major plus.  The mottled leaves are really nice when they’re not in bloom.

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